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1300mm Super X-Beam

What is a 1300mm Super X-Beam?

The latest addition to Apollo Scaffold Services' extensive range of aluminium scaffold beams is the new 1300mm Super X-Beam. This stands between the original 1300mm X-Beam and the 1500mm X-Beam to provide even more choice.

The 1300mm Super X-Beam not only offers a 12% increase in strength compared to our standard 1300mm X-Beam, but in rigorous testing it demonstrated its superiority by proving 8kN stronger in bending than its nearest competitor.

By incorporating the 1300mm Super X-Beam into your project, you can benefit from its superior strength and efficiency. With fewer beams required, you can save both time and money without compromising on safety or quality.

Length options

1300mm Super X-Beams manufactured and supplied by Apollo Scaffold Services are available in a range of lengths between 1 to 6 metres.

All beams come complete with Spigots, Spring Pins, Nuts and Bolts so there are no extras to buy.


1300mm Super X-Beam

Technical Documents

1300mm Super X-Beam Technical Data Sheets  1300mm Super X-Beam Technical Data Sheets

Spigot Connection to 1300mm Super X-Beam  Spigot Connection to 1300mm Super X-Beam

Made in Britain

Designed and manufactured in Britain using only British sourced aluminium, Apollo Scaffold Services can supply 1300mm Super X-Beams nationwide, please contact us for further information, prices and availability.

Take a look at the images below to see the full capabilities of 1300mm Super X-Beams manufactured and supplied by Scaffold Services.