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Welcome to Apollo Scaffold Services, a leader in the manufacture and supply of high quality scaffold beams and components, including the unique 1500mm X-Beam, as well as standard Ladder Beams, Lattice Beams and X-Beams.


Combining traditional methods with modern technology, our products are manufactured in Britain to the highest European standards, successfully combining low weight with high strength.


We undertake rigorous testing on all our products, both throughout development and by batch testing during production, to give you peace of mind that our products are consistently manufactured to the highest quality and standards.


All our aluminium is sourced in the UK and we are happy to supply you with copies of our material test certificates. Using only welders coded to BS EN 287 Pt2 92AI/97 EN30042, our main goal is to maintain our reputation in the industry for quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. We are also approved to manufacture products to BS EN 1090 where required.


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Apollo Scaffold Services Ladder Beam
Ladder Beam
Ladder beams are a common form of scaffolding. As their name suggests, they resemble a ladder with two tubular rails and parallel rungs at 305mm centres.

Ladder beams are a low cost scaffolding option and are ideal for projects carrying light loads.
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Apollo Scaffold Services Lattice Beam
Lattice Beam
Lattice beams are a heavier duty alternative to the traditional ladder beam, with a design capable of handling larger loadings.
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Apollo Scaffold Services 750mm X-Beam
750mm X-Beam
X-Beams are a lightweight alternative to traditional scaffolding and possess an unsurpassed weight to strength ratio which means less beams required per job.
The X-Beam's quick fit connecting system also means easy assembly, another advantage over traditional scaffolding.
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Apollo Scaffold Services 1500mm X-Beam
1500mm X-Beam
When existing aluminium scaffolding beams are not strong enough to support a scaffold or structure, Apollo's 1500mm X-Beam's high strength design makes it the perfect solution.
At 1500mm wide, this X-Beam is the widest scaffolding beam system on the market and can span distances up to 100m.
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Apollo Scaffold Services - Made In Britain
At Apollo Scaffold Services, we are proud of the fact that our range of high quality scaffolding products are manufactured in Britain.

Because of this, we are members of the Made in Britain campaign which promotes British manufacturing both in the UK and overseas.
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