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Scaffold Palm Coupler

After struggling with an inferior bought in product, it was decided to design and develop our own Scaffold Palm Coupler.


This project would prove significant for Apollo Scaffold Services, as prototypes of the design would be produced on our recently purchased in-house 3D printer, as a way to significantly reduce development times and costs.


After creating a number of proposals on screen, the most promising was chosen and refined before the first 3D prototype was printed.


With the addition of a spring, this two part 3D printed model performed exactly as the finished product would, and enabled us to fully evaluate its effectiveness for the task.


Once the 3D protype was shown to the company who would produce the tooling for the production extrusion, detail modifications were made to refine the design for manufacture.


Further 3D prototypes were then printed incorporating these suggestions and refinements before the final design was signed off for production.

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Project Image Gallery

  • Scaffold Palm Coupler - Image 1
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Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 1 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 2 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 3 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 4 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 5 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 6 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 7 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 8 Scaffold Palmer Coupler - Image 9
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