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Olympia Renovation

Olympia is an exhibition centre and event space located in the West Kensington area of London.

Opened in 1886 as the National Agricultural Hall, at the time it was the country's largest roofed area, covering nearly an acre in size.

With its distinctive barrel roof design, the 115ft high building consists of a 1200 ton iron frame, 85 tons of glass and 75 tons of zinc.

Apollo Scaffold Services were approached to manufacture a bespoke rig to enable cradles to run up and down the roof during a process of renovation and repair.

Ladder Beams and Lattice Beams were modified to form a Box Beam structure which when combined with articulating spigots would follow the contour of the roof.

Cradles with angled wheeled trolleys were suspended from a horizontal lattice/ladder Box Beam and would travel up and down the roof to enable the renovations to be undertaken safely and effectively.

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